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The KFUPM Entrepreneurship Club KSA is a non-profit organization and networking club for inspiring entrepreneurs. The members of our community are well known for their entrepreneurial mindsets, accomplishments and desire to inspire others to flourish the world with their creativity and innovation. Our primary goal is to establish a network where the young and inspired can come together to learn about the world of entrepreneurship, develop the mindset, learn about the phases of building or improving a startup and share stories and ideas.

We strive to increase awreness of the Entreprenuerial spirit and mindeset here at KFUPM Business School. Entreprenuers are the face of a growing economy and with the rise of KSA Vision 2030 goals, there is an astonishing growth in entreprenuers. Hence, our ambitious team aims to facilitate young entreprenuers witht the right resources, strong networking, motivation and sense of direction to achieve personal success.

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Our Team

Mohammed Al-Safi


Build the mindset and everything will come after

Abdullah Alqahtani

Organizational Development Manager

The club is Fertile environment for entrepreneur and I decided to be one of them. my goal is to rise by my thoughts and ambitions and be a help to my teammates in the club, so that we can rise the club and reach it to the sky.

Abdullah Alraddadi

Finance Manager

Planing is the most important phase to achieve our gaols

Khaled Alshehri

Head of Seniors

Value seeker with full of passion in BD, Operations, and Event Management also interested in Business & Culture

Abdullah Alanazi

Team Engagement Manager

A marketing student who’s interested in entrepreneurship at SA

Wessam Hamadenh

Digital Media Manager

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Hassan Bawazir

Senior Project Manager

Mechanical Engineering student, aims to develop skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship.

Yazeed Altammam

Senior Project Manager

Industrial engineering student. My path that I always follow is self-development in all areas, because If a person can do something, I can do it too.

Mohammed Alshehri

Senior Project Manager

Without a struggle there can be no progress

Ibrahim Alqarawi

Senior Project Manager

Junior Industrial Engineer student , because “ There’s always room for improvement no matter what.

Naif Alrehaili

Senior Project Manager

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Ibrahim Zolali

Senior Project Manager

A Junior marketing student interested at entrepreneurship.

Ibrahim Aldawsari

Senior Project Manager

An arrow never hits when it is in the quiver. Just like you in your comfort zone